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17% of computers, racked or desktop, are damaged during moving!  Source: 2011 U.S. dept of trade study

Equipment engineering solutions.  Specializing in brief notice domestic and international fixed contract turn-key moving of; datacenter, medical imaging, factory robotics, racked servers, computer workstation  commercial physical relocations, industrial equipment, machinery, and palletizing, crating and indoor rigging projects.  We can service jobs ranging from a single piece of equipment to entire data centers, in all U.S. cities, and most major cities around the world.  Our crews are primarily from your local area with only 3rd tier expertise coming from our central offices. 

We understand your stakeholder challenges so we can provide you with unprecedented flexibility, as to the scheduling of your well as uncompromising reliability.  We can work with the shortest lead times available in this industry, and if your situation requires our crews to wait, we will work with you but still maintain our delivery schedules as well as possible.   AES has many active military contracts.

Flat Rate Service

You can't afford to take a chance that a tight downtime schedule will be disrupted by harried grumpy relocation crews.  So we provide you with uncompromising reliability.  We will have our crews and equipment checked in and on-site at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled operation.   We will also stay until you are back online, providing you with all physical and system reconfigurations as necessary.

Alacrity is an engineering company in that our primary service is engineering expertise. While in many larger markets we do provide company owned personnel and equipment, our primary value is in our expertise.  Our expertise is in methods, materials, and solutions. This means that when you contract with AES you are not limited to the equipment and personnel of a single company. We will determine what resources are required and weave them together with best personnel for your matter how large!

Get serious, our crews composed entirely of guys, and sometimes girls, who are all experienced with racked servers, medical imaging equipment, factory robotics and even complex workstations.

Mostly certified (A+, Cisco, IBM, Sun, etc.) geeks like you, [that have passed our insurance company's stringent physical standards.] They're not always as pretty as the crews from our big competitors, but they know your equipment and our methods are certified by the OEM; Dell, Hp, Sun, IBM, EMC, Hitachi, FEI, JEOL, ZEISS.  Plus, all of our crews are managed by structural engineers, logistics and insurance experts. It's a no brainer, you can go for slick, or you can go for substance.  We are professionals, and we offer a great service for a fair price.

Alacrity crews include; Hardware, OS, and communications configuration expertise as well as Cabling, Cooling, Power Distribution, Rigging, Construction, Plumbing, and Electrical interface expertise. Which can save you on the need for additional contract services!

Why contract with specialized IT equipment movers?

1. After move setup (The physical move is often less than 1/2 the job...the real challenge is getting back to work)

2. Pre-move packing (Equipment can easily be damaged by in-experienced movers...can you take that chance?)

3. Guaranteed safe transit (What happens to your equipment once its on the may not want to think about that!)

4. Smart friendly movers! (Who wants to spend moving day watching their equipment being handled by minimum wage workers in matching tee-shirts?)


We compete on cost not price!  We want to make this clear, so as not to waste your time, we will be fair, and generally competitive.  But if you are looking for the lowest price equipment movers then sorry we are not the firm for you.  Yet, before you click away, ask your self this question : What will cost more a competent move, or subtle equipment damage that hampers your productivity after the move? Although we rarely lose a bid on price, cost is your most crucial concern!

We can provide you with fully containerized solutions that allow you complete physical control of your equipment during transit, and the luxury of on-site storage after your equipment is delivered to it final destination.

We also supply OEM certified hardware and software experts on short contracts. Our experts, have high security clearances, and can facilitate a full range of datacenter, large office, factory equipment, robotics & medical imaging equipment operations ranging from in-situ to live international  relocations. 

We are expert at moving, crating and rigging all types of hi-value equipment, including ; servers, workstations, medical imaging, industrial robotics.   Union crews also available..

Finally you should chose Alacrity because we are the only professional equipment handling organization with MOM support. MOM (Multi-level On-line Meta resources). All of our crews have a direct line to MOM at all times. MOM provides PhD. level engineering support to all crew members, via tablet, smart-phone or voice support. MOM support provides deep contracts at the OEMs, technical manuals, engineering drawings, and experienced based trouble shooting...24/7. MOM means that each member of an Alacrity crew brings along the kind of expertise necessary to solve any technical issue, big or small!

What the center of gravity of IBM model xyz?  What are the OEM packing requirements for a piece of equipment that will not violate the warranty or void the service agreements?    What are the strongest structural areas that will allow us to rig a heavy piece of equipment safely?  We are getting a 7450 error when we try to restart the server, what does it mean and how should we handle it?   Who at HP can help us to ensure that a backups integrity is 100%.  What are the humidity changes that EMC equipment can endure within 1 hour of shutdown.  What's the best route to the destination at this time of day.  These are the kind of question that MOM answers for Alacrity crews everyday.   Do you really want to make such an important decision without Mom's support?

When you hire  Alacrity you get full ISO 9000 quality control procedures, experienced systems engineers, world class structural engineers, local knowledge of many international markets, logistics and custom manufacturing capabilities all on one contract.

Are you moving restaurant equipment?   Then try our restaurant specialty division


Innovative pioneers in physical cloud services.

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We are OSHA qualified, GSA & NREL certified, and experienced at state-of-the-art  vertical relocations. 

We are a national & international specialist.  We have quick response equipment and personnel concentrated in the following markets;

New York City Miami Los Angeles Rome
Philadelphia Chicago Las Vegas San Diego
Washington DC Dallas Phoenix Boston
San Francisco Houston Atlanta London
Cleveland Minneapolis Dusseldorf Madrid
Indianapolis Paris Singapore Dubai
Cairo New Orleans Hong Kong Mexico City

We will respond to detailed RFQ and RFP's for large and medium scale projects.  We are a certified minority contractor.

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Board Promotion: Contracts over 100K USD executed in before January 1, 2013 include a free 10 day trip for 2 (including airfare & hotels) to China [Beijing, Xi'an & Shanghai].  Ask your rep for details. 


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