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Specialized Factory Equipment Movers, Installers, and Consultants.

For over 20 years Alacrity services has been specialized in moving expensive sensitive data center equipment.  During that period we have moved hundreds of industrial operations.  Moving rindustrial equipment requires a tremendous amount of specialized knowledge, skills, and equipment.  Moving, opening, closing in each case requires a special set of skills, resources, and connections.

Our objective is to maximize values for all stakeholders, owners, potential buyers, landlords, and investors.  So we have formed this division  to specifically service the industrial operations.

Our engineers are familiar with modern and traditional factory construction, and are also aware of the various administrative concerns such as permits and transparency.

Our commitment to you is that we will provide all of the necessary, expertise, engineering, construction, equipment, insurance and manpower to move your equipment with alacrity.

We can work on all levels of the enterprise necessary to complete the project with maximum reliability and optimum costs.   We can assist you in working with various stakeholders to generate pre-operation presentations, insurance options, and equipment acquisition and disposal options, including auctions or estate sales.

REM crews include; Plumbing, Carpentry, and electrical expertise.  Which can greatly reduce your need for additional contract services.

We can remove and conserve signs and other external appliances, and ensure that they are prepared correctly for storage of whatever term necessary.

We will generate a quote quickly, and offer you both flat fee and cost plus options.  Our workers are covered by our $2,000,000 E/O (errors and omissions) and P/L (professional liability) insurance coverage, and we can supply COI's for the building owners.

If cash flow is a problem we can work with you to ensure that the project goes forward, and help you to make various financing arrangements.

Our crews will be sufficiently white gloved to ensure that your equipment is not damaged, but strong and smart enough so that the job will proceed on schedule and on budget.

Finally you should chose Alacrity because we are the only professional equipment handling organization with MOM support. MOM (Multi-level On-line Meta resources). All of our crews have a direct line to MOM at all times. MOM provides PhD. level engineering support to all crew members, via tablet, smart-phone or voice support. MOM support provides deep contracts at the OEMs, technical manuals, engineering drawings, and experienced based trouble shooting...24/7. MOM means that each member of an Alacrity crew brings along the kind of expertise necessary to solve any technical issue, big or small!

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Are you moving IT equipment?  Then look at our parent company Alacrity Services specialized in moving computer equipment.

Factory equipment moving engineers.

Specializing in Conveyances, kilns, mixers, boilers, ovens, hoods, mixers, tanks, cooling towers, furnaces. Full construction and industrial services available.
Service was professional. Yet, despite the cost they did what they agreed. We didn't understand that they are an engineering company, not a moving company. But, their engineers worked with local guys and did a great job. I think it was cheaper than if we had gone with a local moving company.

Date published: 03/13/2015

4.5 / 5 stars


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