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Mission Statement:

Mankind has a fundamental misunderstanding of energy. Energy is not some precious thing that we must find. Energy as revealed in Albert's immortal equation [E=MC2] a stage of all matter. Energy is everywhere, yet we are destroying our planet to search for it. Mankind is like an enraged drunk searching for his lost keys, to his key-less car, in small curio shop.

Each day engineers around the world are building bigger dams, digging deeper holes, and debating giant schemes to alter our ecosystem to overcome the problems created by bigger dams and deeper holes. Billions of people are and will continue dying of thirst and hunger, because our planet is slowly being adulterated by drought, global warming, water conflicts, and energy competition which all spawn from destructive ill-considered energy conversions.

Combustion, fission, fusion today is all out of scale with nature. They leave us with toxic air, earth & water as well as countless unintended consequences. Solar, wind and hydro have proven that the philosopher’s stone is just a beautiful dragon, whose opened mouth will eventually destroy all who embrace it. For millennia man has harnessed the benevolent shining sun and robust blowing winds as energy sources. But nature has given us much more. The close embrace of gravity or the smothering airs of a hot day are the source of the winds, tides, waves. Our mission is to develop simple practical ways to convert this greenest of green natural energy sources into reliable modern energy streams.

Within these pages you will see many wonders. Natural energy sources, all tested and vetted, which embody our vision of green energy from the most precious of sources... the planet earth.


Join The Inertia Society and become one of the founding intellects of this new industry and new field of energy.   The goals of TIS are to advance the application of inertia based  solutions to common industrial and municipal challenges.  

Dynamic State Energy [DSE] technologies are both our past and our future!  DSEs are our most reliable energy sources, wind, solar and gravity.  DSE technologies include; mass momentum for weapons and transport, fluid momentum for transport and energy, atmospheric momentum for agriculture and energy, solar radiation for agriculture, warmth, and energy.  If we include relative mass energy technologies, such as evaporative desalination and heat pumps, we can also include static mass for stable structures, in our list of DSE technologies exploited by mankind.   Long before man discovered fire, he discovered mass momentum, fluid momentum, and shelter.


There is nothing permanent except change. -Heraclitus



Energy values are steadily increasing due to growing international demand, supply costs, distribution costs and environmental impacts.  Energy grids around the globe face endless expansions leading to increasingly chaotic vulnerabilities.   Energy effectiveness is determined through a complex set of equations with direct and indirect generation costs, distribution costs, political costs, various terms of reliability and feasibility.


Increasing demands for energy effectiveness are evident in the growing popularity of diverse energy effective systems such as solar light bulbs, LEDs, and even regenerative braking systems.  As energy effectiveness increases in value, steady local DSE technologies are competitive with even the most robust grid and local fuel sources. 


Experts forecast the rising value & effectiveness of non-fuel energy sources as the atmosphere becomes increasingly energetic as a result of mankind's projected failure to curb global warming. (The Predictioneer's Game: Using the Logic of Brazen Self-Interest to See and Shape the Future 

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita)

Mankind has been seduced by abundant fuel.  Seduced into substituting power for ingenuity.  Vehicles which consume in seconds fuel that nature required millennia to create. Continuous lighting for occasional traffic, while consuming million of tons of exhaustible fossil resources.   We need to learn to use our energy sources on demand, and with the most effective methods.

  Fuel has two parents, a strong pushy father ,the sun,  and a tender clingy mother, the earth.   Both are necessary for the formation of all known fuel sources.   Solar and wind energy technologies have de-coupled useable solar radiation from fuel.    Now GSE has decoupled gravity from fuel as well.  Hydro and wind are forms of gravitational energy, now there is a third option.  GSE has developed the methods to collect and concentrate gravity with durable, inexpensive devices and construction methods.

Fuel based energy gives us spiraling costs, economic vulnerabilities, and ecological despair for the future.  Our industrial revolution mistress, flashy fuel, demands more and more, and yet we know one day she will abandon us to barren fields, frigid darkness and psychotic dreams implemented as energy grids!

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