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The INdRA Institute
A bio-recharge think tank.
Alexandria, VA, US
Director: Gare Henderson, Ph.D.

  The INDRA Institute is dedicated to creating an international bio-recharge culture. We hope to engender, and support, scientific, legislative, and popular cultures.

Our primary means of support are through publications sales and donations from the international community.   The current target for our publications are currently aimed at those legislative bodies, and officials, who are responsible for local and regional environmental conditions.  These officials include specifically environmental committee chairmen, and other interested legislators.

As the culture of bio-recharge develops, we will generate publications to support popular, industrial, and commercial cultures.  These publications will include; newsletters, manuscripts, legislative guides, graduate and secondary school textbook treatments and scientific and philosophical texts focused on bio-recharge cultures.

To facilitate the distribution of INDRA institute publications, we are offering memberships at a variety of levels. 
These memberships are as follows;

Membership type Membership duration Annual price Monthly price


25 years

$100,000. USD

State 10 years $50,000. USD N/A
Corporate 5 years $25,000. USD N/A
Institutional 5 years $10,000. USD N/A
Library 10 years $4,000. USD N/A
Educational 5 years $4,000. USD N/A
Professional 3 years $1,500. USD $80. USD
Personal 2 years $400. USD $40. USD

Philanthropic Support:

We are also happy to accept philanthropic donations from all sources, after prior acceptance by our board of directors.   Philanthropic donations are subject to the donators willingness to abide by the fundamental mission of the INDRA institute.
  We can accept donations or membership payments through; PayPal, checks, and bank wires.  To proceed with your support actions, please complete the following form.

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Thank you for supporting the important work of advancing the science and culture of bio-recharge.  The proceeds from your donation or subscription will be immediately put to work in advancing this cause which is critical to the future of our>
INDRA institute