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Welcome to the PaP,inc. Designers Portal! 

PaP, inc. the start of a revolution by  providing 3d design files for everyday usage.  A recent article in the 3d industry press was very positive about PaP. {Full article Pdf}

This is an opportunity to monetize your 3d CAD skills, and perhaps to make a name for yourself in this nascent industry.  PaP, inc. markets both company designs from our parent company Alacrity Engineering Services, and crowd-sourced designs from independent designers around the world.

We are already receiving designs from over 40 countries, and we provide translation of any support documentation.  We also market your designs through popular portals such as Amazon, E-Bay, Manta, Alibaba, and many other international marketing sites. The press has picked up our story, like the article from the 3dPrintBoard, and we are receiving over 1000 new visitors daily.

All of your designs remain as your property, and can both provide and income for you while still remaining under your control.   Each month you will receive the royalties generated by the individual sales of your design.   Our focus is upon those types of objects, screws nails washers etc., used millions of times each day, so your potential revenue is nearly unlimited.

Do you want to take your skills up to industrial and commercial standards?

Article: Automotive Industry & 3d printing:

While many freelancers have generated numerous fantastic objects of art and fancy, working on the tight tolerance designs that PaP, inc. requires is the best preparation for future careers in this industry.  As 3d rendering becomes increasingly important in many fields, the designer who can implement designs which meet tight industry standards, will be at significant advantage over those who can only implement artistic or fancy designs.  

Many of the designs that we have determined to be internationally marketable, will require higher skill levels than those required for artistic object design.  As a result many competent designers will find that PaP, inc. focus on tight tolerance designs will be too rigorous, and will require the learning of new techniques and significant expenditures of time. 

Yet, those who can step up to this opportunity will be the designers who will develop the skills required by industrial and commercial CAD projects.  Adding a couple of tight tolerance designs to your portfolio may make the difference in landing those jobs and projects that will generate the lifestyles that we all desire.

Professional Certification and Career Support:

To assist you in your life goals as a 3d CAD designer, for each design that is accepted by PaP,inc. for publication, you will earn 10 designer credits.   When you accumulate 200 credits, we will certify you as a professional 3D CAD designer and provide you with a certificate for your wall and your resume.  The more designer credits that you accumulate the more we will support you in your future endevaours.

All designs will eventually be available through the PaP, inc. sales portal, which is still under development.  We expect the sales portal to be available by 1/1/15 or sooner.

The requirements to become a PaP, inc. designer are simply that you provide designs that meet the industry required specifications, and that you deliver what you promise.

The process is simple.  First you must register as a designer, including the name of the company (if any) that will retain the rights to your designs.  The registration includes your agreement with PaP, inc.'s terms and conditions.   Once your registration is reviewed an accepted you will be issued a designer's ID and you will be free to link to PaP, inc. pages and utilize our logos in your marketing efforts.

You can register as a designer here: Designer Agreement and Registration

Registered designers will then receive a secure payment agreement form.  This form will allow you to receive your monthly royalties by check, wire (fees may apply), or PayPal. 

Charitable and Environmental Support:
our logoWaterAid
PaP, inc. is striving for B-Corporation certification so we also have a matching grants program that all designers are encouraged to participate in.  This program donates your royalties plus an equal USD dollar match from PaP, inc. to your choice of several charities engaged in solving water crises around the world. 

Once you have successfully registered you can bid for a particular design by first reviewing our parts pages, which are available on the top menu of most pages as a drop down selection.  Once you have located a part that you feel that you are capable of generating, you can bid for that design on our designers bid page.

You can submit your bids through: Designer Bid Submit

That's about it.  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at DQ@alacrity-services.com


 PaP, inc. Start-up Design Team



Printable Product List


Acorn Nuts
Carriage Bolts
Drywall Screws 

Elevator Bolts
Flat Washers
Hex Bolts
Hex Cap Screws
Hex Nuts
Hex Socket Screws
Knurled Nuts
Lag Bolts / Lag Screws
Lifting Rings / Eye Bolts
Lock Washers
Machine Bolts
Machine Screws
Nylon-Insert Locknuts

Particle Board Screws
Plow Bolts
Pipe Plugs
Self-Drilling Screws

  Sems (Screw/Washer Combos)
Sheet Metal Screws
Socket Cap Screws
Socket Set Screws
Socket Shoulder Screws
Square Nuts
Step Bolts 
Stop Nuts
Structural Bolts

Tap Bolts
Tapping Screws

Tee Nuts
Teks/ Self Drilling Screws
Wing Nuts
Wing Screws
Wood Screw
and more...
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