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 Office supply & IT technology
GSA Contract Number: GS-14F-0040K
contract period is September 20, 2000 - September 19, 2020
FSSI Contract:GS-02Q-14-D-CR0024 

 #1 Since 1996       Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocations

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Special Services

Service Descriptions:

Office supply & IT technology
GSA Contract Number: GS-14F-0040K

contract period is September 20, 2000 - September 19, 2020
FSSI Contract:GS-02Q-14-D-CR0024

We can develop downtime management plans from 0+ hours,

Systems Engineering

Configuration support: basic, ideal and custom configuration from physical install to IP addresability. Cisco, HP, Sun, Dell, IBM, etc.

Relocation: Machine room to machine room service.  De-racking, Re-racking, Packing, Transport, Transitional support.

Installation: Ideas to operation.  Specification, Vendor Selection, Vendor Management,  Installation, Pre & Post Installation Support.

Maintenance: Periodic, emergency, event generated.  Parts, Service, Smart Hands, Guidance, Trainng.

CMAR services: Construction Manager at Risk Services

Expert Leasing : Planing support services

Demolition: Recycling, Recovery, Build-out Preparation, Full service demolotion including; physical, electrial, plumbing, HVAC.

Physical/Structural Engineering

Equipment Rigging:

Vertical Relocation: In-situ

International Services

Used Equipment Customs Clearance Expertise

Language Conversion of Commercial Software


Are you moving restaurant equipment?   Then try our restaurant specialty division


We assess possible equipment trauma, through direct contact with the manufacturer.   We then fortify, pack, or crate specifically to protect key components.   

We are familiar with all packing materials, {polyethylene, polystyrene, etc}.  We will  employ  those methods and materials best suited for your equipment, considering the method of shipment, and a host of other factors.  

It's not accept a manufacturers relocation  quote...without getting one from Alacrity first!

Let us help you with your data center relocation plans. 

Our moving experts will review your current equipment and application inventory.  We can also create data flow maps, that show how data moves around your organization. 

This level of moving preparation, if required, will ensure you that your computers, networks, telephones and applications  will operate correctly when the move is completed.


We are so sure that our service is superior to the OEM's, that we will beat any comparable OEM quote by 10%, if you are a new customer. 

Our solutions can be as complete as your situation requires.   We can do site feasibility studies, relocate planning and coordination,  acquire local relocation personnel, and setup your computers after the relocation is completed.

We can also relocate your telephone systems.   Our experts have experience with Lucent, Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC, and many other large key and PABX systems.

We will coordinate your equipment relocation in a three phase process involving preparation, relocation, and reinstallation.


  • Pre-Test and diagnosis
  • ISP & local service interface, coordination and troubleshooting
  • Technical assessment of new site and relocation risk
  • Physical & System labeling and mapping
  • Path analysis, including elevators and flooring.
  • New Site Preparation
  • Key information backup
  • Physical equipment preparation & packing
  • Peripheral and termination salvage
  • Clean environment certifiable. 




Here are our features and conditions:

  • Free (non-binding) quotes 

  • Minimum contract required, futures accepted

  • Inter-state & international relocates are our specialty

  • Short lead times provided

  • Free quote and RFP's  {Note that more complex estimates, {Equipment valued in excess of 2 million USD, Same day, etc} may require a $500.00  evaluation fee}

  • Flat, performance, and hourly rates available

  • New York City Government listed

  • $2,000,000 liability coverage.

  • References available

We are data center engineers, specializing in solving, effective, and safe!

 problems with innovative solutions.

data center relocation, workstation relocation, office relocation

Your clients, your management team, and your technical experts...will appreciate your investment in professional assistance.

Custom crating and shipping services

We can pack your blade server so well... that even air shippers can't damage it.

Large item crating shipping and handling

We ensure your equipment gets handled with respect for its value...from door to door.

Our service includes any, or all, of the following:   All Moves Insured Up to $2,000,000 - data center relocation, workstation relocation, office relocation

  • Evaluate current and future requirements

  • Coordinate plan and design of facility

  • Recommend strategy

  • Develop project plan and budget

  • Backup key data

  • Dismantle and pack for data integrity

  • Evaluate elevators and flooring.

  • Acclimate your equipment to new environments

  • Relocate equipment to your new location

  • Prepare your new location, including cabling and power distribution

  • Unpack, reinstall, and test equipment

  • Re-establish IP addressability

  • Certify success of relocate for 3rd party.



Full sensoring available


Specializing in Sun equipment operatons

Award from Real Estate Brokers of NYC