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             Data Center Moving Checklists : 54 pages : 2011
by Alacrity Services

IA series of detailed checklists to ensure that the integrity of the physical equipment and key data are maintained during any major physical data center operations.  Topics included; Un-archivable databases, managing complex power distribution systems,  securing complex wiring...
Hard Cover $500.00 Meta-Energetics

Conflict Zone Data Center Operations : 136 pages : 2010
by G.A. Henderson

Case studies of data center operations in international conflict zones. Topics include; sensitive data exposure, physical plant security, vetting foreign machine room personnel, keeping ahead of changing legal structures, etc. c

Hard Cover $1,400.00 DSE: Dynamic State Energy
    Rack Cooling Strategies: 49 pages
by Alacrity Services

A detailed review of various rack, room, and location based cooling strategies.   Also includes a thorough examination of how system architectures contribute to cooling challenges. Tables compare BTU outputs from popular server models.
Hard Cover  $500.00 GSE Detailed Case Study
    Large Data Center Relocation Planning : 124 pages
by G.A. Henderson

Step by step analysis of the challenges of a large data center move.  Provides details, and discussion of alternative approaches,  of current best practices at each phase of operations from planning to post reconciliation procedures..
Hard Cover  $1200.00 GSE Detailed Case Study
    In-Situ - Vertical Relocation Challenges & Methods : 94 pages  by Alacrity Services

Extensive case study of 400 enclosure vertical relocation.  Includes stakeholder checklists, pre,-operational, operational, and post-operational guidelines and checklists. Also includes complete OSHA approved crew guidelines.
Hard Cover  $900.00 GSE Detailed Case Study
    Rigging Rack Enclosures & other sensitive equipment: 125 pages  by G.A. Henderson

Contents:  Step by step guides to evaluating potential rigging projects from a structural engineering standpoint.  How to guides on building and sourcing key rigging components  Also includes detailed safety procedures and key set points for recovery from failures.
Hard Cover  $1,200.00 Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocations
    Physical Data Center Security : 85 pages
by G.A. Henderson

Reviews of internal and external threat assessments, and best practices for risk management and minimization. Case studies of the most dangerous situation an solutions.
Hard Cover  $800.00 Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocations
    10 Tragic Mistakes in Data Center Relocations : 71 pages
by Alacrity Services

Detailed summary and checklists for tragic structural failures including elevators and raised flooring.  Also includes stakeholder management issues.  Based upon over 15 years of large data center relocations experience.
Hard Cover  $700.00 GSE Detailed Case Study


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