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 #1 Since 1996       Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocations

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Special Services

Alacrity Data center & workstation relocations :

 Special Services:

Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocations

Physical plant services:

- Complex disassembly
- Complex reassembly
- Secure transport
Hazmat transport
     - Hazmat removal

- White Glove services

Administrative services:

- Expert Leasing
- Ala-carte expert services

- CMDR Construction Manager At Risk service

- Administrative interface; (customs, permits, filings)

Alacrity can provide a full range of special services to minimize the disruption of a major relocation or other structural change.   At Alacrity our years of service to data centers allows us to understand the unique challenges of this industry. 

Our security services can enhance stakeholder confidence of cross event physical or data integrity.   We specialize in providing services where un-archive-able and/or classified data must be relocated.   We understand that complex data domains may span devices, or be significantly implemented through configurations.  Your security package can contain any or all of the following options.

  • Explicit confidentiality agreements [covers contents and configuration]
  • Operational secrecy [all schedules and information only on a need to know basis for all staff]
  • Full security pre-plan, monitoring, and auditable post operative logs.
  • Explicit fiduciary chain of custody
  • Client controlled secure crating [client seals and locks crates, seals insured]
  • Environmental monitors [tilt, tampering, trauma, temperature, humidity]
  • Dedicated transport vehicles
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Archived or real-time video monitoring
  • Armed security [pickup, transport, delivery]
  • Authenticated security clearances for all personnel

Our augmented transparency services can include a variety of engineering solutions to provide you with downtimes that meet your requirements.  Our engineered solutions include;

  • Downtime performance clauses in the Bill of lading, with significant redress for failure. [local , regional, international] - Routine
  • Turnkey horizontal relocations from IP addressability to IP addressability [local , regional, international] - Routine
  • Vertical relocation [equipment remains active while structural changes are implemented] [In-situ only] - Complex
  • Horizontal relocation with uninterrupted power and IP addressability [local , regional, international] - Very complex
We are able to serve in most world conflict zones...

Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocations
Long Distance C-130 move for US Army
Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocations
Data center relocations, office relocations, workstation relocations