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GSA Contract Number: GS-14F-0040K
contract period is September 20, 2000 - September 19, 2020
FSSI Contract:GS-02Q-14-D-CR0024 

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AES White Glove Service



White Glove Service, is designed for those clients where cosmetics and diplomacy are the keys to success.  Our crews will be held to high standars of dress, decorum and non-distruptive service.   These services can be essential when the organization must continue during a project, and includes things like extremely patient staff, direct concierge access, privacy packaging and more to meet the special needs of the White Glove customer.

The specific deliverables of our White Glove services include;

1.  Front office coordinator
2.  Crew dressed to the clients specifications (we will do tuxedos if that's what you need)
3.  Multi-lingual crew members or foreman (Spanish, French, German, Mandrin, Korean, Italian, Greek, Arabic)
4.  Extremly patient service : Guranteed not to disturb other stakeholders
5.  Un-marked trucks and equipment
6.  Detailed stakeholder reports
7.  All legal and administrative details handled by professional brokerage: (i.e. permits, clerances, etc.)
8.  Flexible service windows

White glove service is a favorite of many agencies, who are responsible for the comfort and security of one or more princpals, such as the US secret service, and conference organizers who need a physical/technical project to be resolved during the proceedings.

White glove service is either a premium add on service, or a complete service package designed from the ground floor to meet the clients needs.   White glove service is also often requested by businesses who are doing some major technical project in a foreign market or conflict zone.

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